Generation Y vs Generation Z

People of the same age who were born in the same years, experienced and shared the conditions and similar problems and responsibilities are called generations. .The periods I am considering today will be the generations called Generation Y (1981-1996) and Generation Z (1997-2020).There are severeal differences and similarities between Generation Y and Generation Z.I am going to write about that differences and similarities.

Firstly ,the most important reason for the differences between generations is the possibilities of time lived.Generation Y is enjoying life, Generation Z is changing the world.To explain, According to a study conducted by the FutureCast consultancy company, generation Y is trying to live in the best way because they adopt the idea of ​​”we are coming to the world once”. They want to enjoy life and are ready to take risks for the sake of experience. 77% of Generation Y prefer to have a strong experience instead of buying a product they want.However,The members of the Z generation is more practical. 60% prefer a physical product to an instant experience (40%). Generation Z not only dreams, but also believes that you can make your dreams come true.Another difference is Generation Y planned, Z generation is spontaneously moving.While someone from generation Y thinks and plans before doing anything, someone from generation Z does it without thinking about the result.

Although it is so different, there are similarities between the two generations.The first and most important of these are cultural similarities.It is an important thing for societies that culture comes along and does not change while passing from Y generation to Z.Even if there are differences in terms of experience, these two generations are still not separated from each other because they are culturally similar.Another similarity is that they are both quickly adapted to change (versus generation X).In the last 40 years, they have great similarities in adapting to the life of the world, which is progressing higher than before.

In summary , there are similarities as well as differences between the two generations.The main thing is to solve the negative effects of these differences and similarities and strengthen the bond between generations.We have to consider the negative effects and we have to think how can we accomplish that.

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