About Video Games

In the 21st century , most people believe that our living conditions are better than they we are in the past.The biggest basis for this is the development of technology.After techonology entered our lives ,we have been in a great benefit.However , it does more harm than good if we do not know how and how often we should use it. Young people are more likely to enjot technology compared to older people. Especially video games. As a result of the use , there are some consequences. Video games have three important effects on children , the beneficial ones are the improvement in focus and problem solving ability , while the harmful effect is addiction.

The first main result of playing video game is in focus in children. According to the research conducted at Cambridge University , children playing video games can focus on events more easily then those who do not. Also they are less likely to get distracted.

another important effect of video games on children is the development of problem solving ability. Accodring to another research , it was observed that young people playing video games were more successful in their lessons and especially in math. According to this research , students who want to be successful is lessons should play video games.

The final and the only bad result is addiction. As Nikola Tesla said , ‘Excessive benefit is harm.’. Video games can cause great harm to young people if they are not played regulary and in a controlled manner.Such as PUBG. PUBG is a First-person shooter game. Nowadays, this game have nearly 45 Billion active gamers.

In conclusion , there are two positive and one negative effects of playing video games on which are focusing better than , problem solving , there negative one is addiction, I recommend that parents spend time with their children and become teachers for them. Thus , you can raise your children with the beneficial sides of video games.

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